How can I go to Potsford Farm?

If you feel that Potsford Farm may benefit you then please feel free to fill in and send us a referral form. You can download the simple referral form from this page and send it to us – we promise to give you a response as soon as we possibly can.

Referral Forms

Download the referral form here

Fill it in as far as you can and post it to the address given on the form.

You will need Adobe Reader to open this form, it should already be on your computer. In case it isn’t, you can download it free from Adobe.

Alternatively you can call us on: 01728 748322

Other Service

If you are applying to Potsford farm via another service then your care co-ordinator may be able to help you with the form. If you are self funding and/or referring and would like some help with the form then please feel free to contact us.