Read some of the lovely things people say about us at the farm…


“The farm offers activities I am interested in, it also offers a friendly and relaxed environment with structured activities, it gets me out of the house and stimulates my mind.”

A co-farmer


“I strongly believe that non medical interventions that address peoples problems with confidence and self esteem are essential. The farm is a friendly non threatening environment which can help ease people back into social work related activities. “

A nurse


“I think Potsford Farm is a very inspirational place , it has inspired me to go to college and think about a work career.”

A co-farmer


“Potsford Farm has saved my son’s life, it has given him a reason to get up in the morning, he is a different person now. He hasn’t self harmed in over a year and a half now and his confidence has grown. Thank you for giving me my son back.”

A relative


“The clients I have referred have all benefited greatly from attending. whenever I have visited there is always a relaxed atmosphere but with a purpose. Those attending are treated with respect and allowed to be themselves.”

A social worker


Potsford Farm is a fab place , we are so lucky our daughter can attend.

A relative